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Renewable Global Energy

As the Earth continues to become more and more dependent on finite resources, the need for alternative renewable energy is on the rise. Renewable energy resources are derived from the natural resources that replinish themselves over a period of time without depleting the Earth's resources.

As the demand for Renewable Energy sources increases, companies are looking for ways to meet that demand, and in turn need funding in order to meet those demands.

Funding available for your Alternative Energy Projects*

*Subject to the approval of application

We offer comprehensive solutions for the need of financing green renewable energy projects. All solar, wind and biomass projects may qualify for equity and debt funding. With our team of experienced investors and industry relationships, we can help your project get off the ground and into operation. To see whether or not your project may qualify, please fill out our Online Application. We will get back to you within a few business days to inform you whether or not your project can qualify for funding and what the next steps would be to move forward.

Renewable Energy Project Development Services

Renewable Global Energy Project Development Services include a full range of support services needed to identify, evaluate, select, and implement specific Renewable Energy projects. We provide specific support services needed for each individual project. We effectively support developers, owners, investors, and contractors in the development and implementation of renewable power projects.

Our Services:

arrowProject contracting and implementation strategy development
arrowProject feasibility evaluations
arrowSite selection and environmental compliance reviews
arrowTechnology selection
arrowReviews and optimization studies
arrowDetailed Project Report (DPR) Preparations
arrowOwner's Representative
arrowConstructibility assessments
arrowDue diligence reviews
arrowCapital and O&M cost estimate evaluation
arrowReviews and evaluations
arrowStart-up consulting support
arrowManufacturer's Representative

Project Management/Construction Management Services

Project Management is needed on any Renewable Energy project. It allows for the management of every aspect of the project and allows the project to stay within its budget.

Renewable Global Energy Project Management/Construction Management Services include developing project plans, detailed schedules, detailed project reports, logistics, cost forecasts, project tracking and reporting and the integrationg of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC).