Why Fund Renewable Energy Projects?

Over the last several years, substantial growth has been enjoyed by the green renewable energy project development industry. Funding programs for financing wind farms, solar power, and other types of renewable energy projects has been crucial in the ongoing development of these facilities. The need for alternative energy is on the rise. Debt and Equity Funding are popular methods of getting developments out of the ground.

Taking advantage of this funding of renewable green energy development projects allows for the reduction on the dependence of foreign oil. Such projects also do not emit hazardous greenhouses gases, which in turn helps protect the environment.

What is required in order to have your project funded?

Before any in-depth evaluation can take place, a project executive summary and/or business pro-forma for the project should be submitted. This document should contain, but is not limited to: financial projections, detailed description of the plan, permits, zoning approvals, off take agreements and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Developers must hire a specialized consultant in order to conduct an independent feasibility study, which will analyze the data and determine the sustainability and financial feasibility of the project. The loan usually will be collateralized by all assets, including a lien on the facilities and real estate, assignment of operating revenues; liens on all personal property, fixtures, equipment and assignment of all power purchase agreements (PPAs) off take agreements and permits, including any letters of credit or performance bonds to which the borrower is the beneficiary.

Debt and equity financing programs for funding is available for qualifying green renewable energy projects. There are certain criteria that must be met in order to qualify a project, which we can discuss with you. Please contact us or fill out our Online Application today!