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Solar Trackers are devices that orient panels, reflectors or lens towards the sun. To put it simply, trackers follow the movement of the sun.

In Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) and Concentrated Solar Thermal (CSP) Systems, trackers enable the optical components. All concentrators applications have tracking systems since these systems do not produce energy unless they closed orient the sun. Flat-panel photovoltaics, trackers serve to reduce the angle of incidence between the photovoltaic panel and the actual incoming light.

There are two components that make up sunlight. The "direct beam", 90% of the solar energy is carried. The "diffuse beam" is the remainder - which is the blue sky on a clear day. The diffuse amount increases when there is more clouds.

Trackers that can account for both the seasonal and daily changes is referred to as a dual-axis tracker

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