What is a PPA?

solar panel blank blank
The Romans and the Greeks were the first to use
passive solar designs. They had buildings with south facing windows that allowed the sun to light and heat indoor areas.

Did you also know that solar panels first appeared in the market in 1956?

A Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA, is a contract that is made to purchase power from a energy provider on a long term basis. Solar PPAs are agreements that are made between a customer and a provider to purchase solar power that is either equal or less to current market rates. Solar PPA customers do not pay for the solar equipment or their installation; rather they are just paying for the solar power itself. Renewable Global Energy can provide or make the arrangements for PPAs.

The energy provider operates and maintains the Photovoltaic (PV) System and the customer agrees to have the system placed on tehir roof or elsewhere on their property as well as purchase the electricity generated from the system for a predetermined period. With this method, the customer is purchasing the services produced from the system rather than the system itself. Customers are able to avoid many of the barriers that are involved in installing a traditional solar system, such as high up-front costs, performance risk as well as permit processes and complicated designs.