Current Operations in India

Presently, Renewable Global Energy can provide the following products to
those businesses in India:

dot Supply and Install Solar Generator Off-Grid Systems (5kw to 100kw)

dot Supply and Install Solar Generator On-Grid Systems (50kw to 200MW)

dot Wind Off Grid Systems (300W to 50,000W)

dot Solar & Wind Hybrid Off Grid Systems (150w S/400w W to 2000w S/5000w W)

dot Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Charger (300W to 30,000W)

dot Three Phase Inverter (1kW to 100kW)

dot Solar Inverter with controller built in (300W to 1500W / 6kW to 10kW)

dot Solar Controller (5A to 100A)

dot Grid Tie Inverter (300W to 20,000W)

dot Electric Inverter (500W to 5000W)

dot UPS (10kVA to 300kVA / 1K to 5K)

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