What is Hydroelectric Energy?

This is the use of the mechanical energy of flowing water by moving it through piping called penstock, which then turns a generator which produces power.

hydroelectric system

What are the Advantages of Hydroelectric Energy?

High efficiency

High level of reliability

Low operating and maintenance costs

Can easily adjust to meet load changes

What is the cost for Hydroelectric power?

The cost of Hydroelectric power depends on the size of the power plant. However, the larger the hydroelectric power plant, the cheaper the cost per kilowatt to produce the electricity.

When the cost of hydroelectric power is compared to the other means of producing electricity, it only costs about 1/3 of the cost for fossil-fuel production and less than 1/4 the cost of gas turbine electrical production.

Hydropower Essentials

Is it possible to generate electricity from waves and tides?

Producing electricity from waves or tides is optional. Water from high and low tides can be used to spin turbines that can produce electricity.