Our Solar PPA Process :

Funding PPAs

Step One: Preliminary Assessment and Site Feasibility

Preliminary feasibility assessment, data gathering, budgeting and site feasibility is done, which leads to a Letter of Intent. This particular step lasts a few weeks.

Data gathering includes a review of the site and a determination of site feasibility is conducted. Assessment of current energy use is also done.

Budgeting includes the estimate of savings that would occur from the solar system installation. Pricing structure and development of the financial model for the PPA also takes place.

The Letter of Intent has all of the details of the assessment. There is also an agreement to sign the PPA during Step Two of the process

Step Two: Financing, Incentive Application & Design, Engineering, Permits and Procurement

During the design and project finalization takes place, incentives and rebates are applied for. At the same time, the physical system is designed and engineered and all appropriate permits are obtained. The timing of this step varies depending on the complexity and system size, but typically lasts 2 to 4 months.

Step Three: Approvals, Installation and Interconnection

Installation of the solar system, inspection approvals and interconnection takes place during this step.

Step Four: Operation and Maintenance of the System

This step involves the on-going operation and maintenance of the system

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