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Renewable Global Energy offers a variety of services with respect to the Solar PV Industry

1. Off-grid systems

arrowFinancing Advisory Services
arrowProject Management Assistance
arrowDetailed technical Design analysis

2. Grid-connected power projects

3. Assessment of land and infrastructure

arrowLand Quality Assessment
arrowSolar Radiation Resource Evaluation
arrowAssessment Of Evacuation Arrangements
arrowApproximate land necessary for a setting up grid connected solar PV power plant

4. Assessing Investments and Returns

arrowCapital costs, including a break-down, for setting up solar PV power plants (grid connected)
arrowDetermining the Operating expenses for solar PV power plants (grid connected)

5. Evaluating Technologies

arrowEvaluation of the Balance of System (BOS) components and other electrical and mechanical components.
arrowComparative analysis of Crystalline Silicon and Thin Film technologies

6. PV Manufacturing

arrowCrystalline Silicon manufacturing
arrowThin Film production
arrowBalance of System assembly

7. Consultancy

arrowStrategy assistance

8. Strategic advisory - Providing Diversification strategies to Indian companies

9. Market Entry Strategy for International Companies

arrowProduct strategy
arrowSales strategy
arrowFinancial analysis
arrowMarket potential analysis
arrowTechnical analysis
arrowOperations analysis (logistics)

10. Policy and Regulatory Analysis

arrowAssessment of feed-in-tariffs
arrowUnderstanding government policies
arrowOther regulatory requirements