In order to sell a solar PV system properly, the customer must be qualified in order to determine why they want to purchase a solar PV system, what exactly are their needs, and what their concerns are:

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arrow Does the customer own their own home? (This is done since with renters, it does not make sense economically)

arrow How long does the customer plan on staying at the current residence? (If a homeowner is planning to move in a few years, they may be more reluctant to get a solar PV system than someone who is planning on staying at a residence for a long time)

arrow Does the customer want to lease the system or purchase it? (Leasing means that the customer doesn't have to worry about tapping into lines of credit, or of the maintenance or cash; Cash is typically the better investment.)

arrow If the customer wants to use cash, what is their budget?

arrow Why is the customer interested in purchasing a solar PV system?

arrow What is their timeline for the construction?

arrow Is this a new construction or is it retrofit? (New construction is cheaper and most likely can get financing)

arrow What days of the weeks is the customer's property not available/accessible?

arrow Does the customer have any specific requests with times/dates for the crew to not be working?