The following checklist can be used to determine if an installer's proposal is complete:

arrow Does the installer hold a valid license?

arrow Is the installer insured for Workman's Compensation?

arrow Has there been any complaints against the installer?

arrow Does the installer have a contractor's bond, to ensure that you receive your money back if something goes wrong?

arrow What is the time length that the state requires the contractors to warranty their work?

arrow Does the service warranty provide any uptime guarantee?

arrow Is the price quoted for the full system, fully installed and hooked to the utility/grid?

arrow Provided only 10-20% retainer which was specifically stated in the contract and rest of balance due after system is up and running

arrow With regards to the modules, inverters, mounting systems, etc, why does the installer prefer a specific make and model?

arrow Did I go over the warrany and manufacturer's spec sheet?

arrow Where did the installer get their assumptions for solar irradiation or wind speed?

arrow What program does the installer use to get the results for assumed system efficiency?

arrow If there is no yield guarantee offered, ask why one isn't offered

arrow If the installer is wrong about the incentive amount, who will be paying the difference?

arrow Does the installer offer recommended efficiency measures? (some states require this)

arrow Does the installer provide a model or drawing of the system? (including the layout of all equipment, its direction, surface area, tilt, etc)

arrow Does the installer offer yield tracking and monitoring with the service?