In order to properly design, size and quote a system to a customer, you will need to collect some information from the customer:

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arrow What is their annual demand for electricity in kWh?

arrow What is the rate structure? (There are four types - Seasonal ; Flat ; Time of use rate, which vary seasonally and hourly ; Tiered Rate that increases based on kWh during a month).

arrow What is the type of Roof?

arrow What is the condition of the Roof?

arrow How easily accessible is the roof?

arrow Roof Azimuth/Orientation?

arrow Is there a tilt of the roof from horizontal?

arrow What is the estimated roof surface area available for the array? (draw sketches and take pictures)

arrow Is there any shading areas?

arrow Does the worst part of the roof have any sun access from 9am to 3pm?

arrow What will be the array location and its size?

arrow Is there room space for a DC Connect? Inverter? AC Disconnect?

arrow What is the conduit location and the length?

arrow What is the manufacturer of the service panel? What model is it?

arrow WHat is the main break or rating of the bus bar?

arrow What is the location of the Utility Meter? The Service? The Subpanel?

arrow What is the space available for the breaker?