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Renewable Global Energy can provide Debt Financing, ranging from $2 million - $100 million USD.

Depending on the specific requirements of the project, Debt can be divided into several parts (known as tranches).

During start-up, a loan is considered in order to cover design and construction costs and for the possibility of project cost increases. The ability to pay back the project financing determine the terms of the loan, such as tenor, margins, minimum acceptible ratios, etc.

60-80% of the project cost is made through debt. This type of financing can be provided through the following:

arrowInternational Commercial Banks
arrowSupplier's Credit
arrowLocal Banks
arrowBond Markets
arrowInstitutional Investors (Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, and Mutual Funds)
arrowSpecialized Energy Funds
arrowGovernment-Guaranteed Official Loans (if the project is owned by a state agency or a JV by public and private sectors)