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The outlook on Solar Farming looks positive, especially since there is an increase demand for the reduction in pollutant emissions as well as for the reduction in use of non-renewable resources.

Currently, the United States is the leading supplier of solar energy, with India coming in second. Solar projects in India are growing, even to the point of opening one of the largest solar parks. Renewable Global Energy can provide various equipments/services to those businesses in India. Please visit our India page.

In October 2012, the United States Department of the Interior announced that they are setting aside 285,000 acres of public land in the West in order to install utility-scale solar farms. They have additionally indentified 19 million acres that can be used for potential development. Utility-scale Solar Farms are those plants that can be ground-mounted, larger than 2 MegaWatts and is selling power to a utility company, as defined by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

Solar Farms provide clean, renewable energy that is useful now and in the years to come.