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This is a felted fabric or woven bag-like device that suspends particles but allows gas through.


Unit of volume equivalent to 42 U.S. gallons. One barrel is 5.80 million Btu of crude oil or weighs 306 pounds. Abbreviated as bbl.


This is the structure that is below the generator in a Wind Turbine. The base supports the turbine. It also houses the meters and the wires, and keeps the turbine well above the ground.


An energy storage device made up of one or more electrolyte cells.


This is an alternative fuel that can be created from any vegetable oil or fats. A diesel engine with little or no modifications can use the Biodiesel. It does not contain petroleum but it can be blended with diesel at any level or used in its pure form.


These are blending components and liquid fuels that are produced from biomass (plant) feedstocks. It is primarily used for transportation.


A landfill where the waste actively decomposes


Tank in which water is heated; used for the production of steam or hot water, that is used for power and heating


Agricultural wastes, wood wastes, methane gases from landfills, and crops grown for energy production


The flora and fauna of a region.

Black Liquor

The byproduct of paper production; can be used as an energy source


Flat objects connected to a central shaft that converts the push of the wind into a circular motion.

Bleached Board

This is a wood product used for printed and graphically enhanced card stocks, packaging materials and books. Pollutants such as furans and dioxins can result from the chlorine used during the manufacturing process of bleached board.

Brake (WT)

Device capable of reducing the rotor speed or stopping rotation


This is a solution that has a considerable amount of sodium chloride and other salts.

British Thermal Unit (BTU)

A unit of energy; 1055 Joules is equal to 1 BTU.


This is a person that facilitates commercial activities. They are the intermediary between the buyer and seller.

Building Permit

Permit to build or construct something

Busbar Cost

This is the cost per kilowatt hour to produce electricity. It includes the cost of debt service, capital, fuel and operation & maintenance.