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This is the design property of a product that prevents its failure from creating critical faults.

Feed-in Tariff(s)

This is a national system for monetary compensation paid for the electricity that is generated by renewable energy technologies.


The metal wire in a lightbulb that glows when its heated by an electric current.

Final evaluation report

Report that contains the results of the conformity evaluations, as it relates to Provisional Type Certification.


This is the process of atoms splitting apart. Splitting atoms releases large amounts of energy.

Flat-Plate Solar Connector

This is a device that was designed to capture the sun's energy to produce low temperature heat energy.

Flat Plate Pumped

This is a medium temperature solar collector that is usually made up of glazing, a metal frame insulating and absorbers.


Run smoothly with unbroken continuity

Flow Control

These are the regulations, laws and economic incentives or disincentices that are used by waste managers to direct waste into a specific landfill, waste-to-energy facility or recycling center.


Something which changes the state of rest or motion of something

Forest Residues

Unused wood in the forest

Fossil Fuels

These are those fuels (natural gas, oil, coal, etc) that are the results of compressed ancient plants and animal life over millions of years


Any material that can be burned to make energy.

Fuel Cycle

All of the stages involved in fuel utilization: extraction, transformation, transportation and combustion

Fuel Cells

One or more cells capable of generating an electrical current

Fuel Oil

An oil that is used for fuel

Fuel wood

Wood and wood products that are used by direct combustion


An enclosed structure in which heat is produced for the purpose of heating a house


This is when the nuclei of atoms are combined or "fused" together


A vent from which gases or steam issue


Organic heterocyclic compounds that are regulated due to their toxicity