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Drive-train and other elements within a housing on top of a Wind Turbine tower

Natural Gas

Tasteless, odorless, colorless and non-toxic fossil fuel.

Natural Gas Hydrates

Solid, crystalline, wax-like substances composed of water, methane, and usually a small amount of other gases, with the gases being trapped in the interstices of a water-ice lattice

Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)

Substances that can be processed as liquids out of natural gas by condensation or absorption

Net Photovoltaic Cell Shipment

The difference between purchase and shipments of photovoltaic cells.

Net Photovoltaic Module Shipment

The difference between purchase and shipments of photovoltaic modules.

Network operator

This is the operator of the power grid

New plants

Plants that have been mounted for the first time and recently connected to the grid.

Non-disclosure agreement

Non-Dislosure Agreement are also known as NDAs. This is also referred to as a confidentiality agreement; These are legal contracts between two or more parties which outlines confidential material restriction to third parties.

Normal shutdown (WT)

Shutdown in which all stages are under control of the control system


Fuels that cannot be easily renewed or made. Non-renewable materials consist of coal, oil and natural gas.

Non-utility Generation

These are generations that are from end-users, small power producers or independent power producers, in which the electrical power is supplied for commercial, industrial and military operations. It can also be sold to electrical utilities.

Nuclear Energy

Energy that comes from the splitting of atoms of radioactive materials.