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TAPS - 2000

"Type Approval-Provisional Scheme -2000" ; This is a scheme for provisional certification and requirements of measurements and testing.

Thermal Energy

Total kinetic and potential energy associated with random motions of the molecules in a material.


Device that adjusts the amount of cooling and heating produced.

Thermosiphon System

Solar collector system for water heating. The collection fluid solely circulates due to the temperature and density difference between hot and cold fluids.


This is a solid substance layer, often used in solar panels.

Thin-film module

Modules with a coated surface and the energy efficiency conversion depends on the coating used.

Tidal Range

Vertical range between high and low tide.

Tipping Fee

This is the price charged to deliver municipal solid waste to a landfill, recycling facility, or waste-to-energy facility.


This is a device that converts generator's low-volt energy to higher-volt energy.

Transmission (Electric)

Transfer or movement of electrical energy over an interconnected group of lines. This is for the delivery to consumers and other electrical systems.

Transmission Line

This is a set of insulators, conductors, supporting structures and associated equipment that are used to move large quantities of high voltage.

Transportation Sector (of the Economy)

This is the part of the economy that has to do with how people and goods are transported.


This is a device that generates rotary mechanical power from a moving force such as wind, hot gas, water or steam.

Turbulence intensity

Ratio of the wind speed standard deviation to the mean wind speed.

Turbulence scale parameter

Wave length where the non-dimensional, longitudinal power spectral density is 0.05.