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High-speed transmission of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles.

Radioactive Element

Elements that have atoms with unstable nuclei. Stabilization occurs itself when radiation is emitted.

Radioactive Waste

Materials that are left over from making nuclear energy.


Property that is possessed by some elements that give off alpha, beta or gamma rays

Receiver Panel (Solar)

Panel that contains a battery of solar cells.

Reformulated Gasoline (RFG)

Gasoline whose composition has been changed to: 1. Include oxygenates; 2. reduce the content of heavy hydrocarbons and 3. reduce the content of aromatics, olefins, and volatile components. This is done to meet the performance specifications for ozone-forming tendency.

Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF)

This is fuel that is processed from municipal solid waste

Remote monitoring

Automated data logger that monitrs the functionality of a facility

Renewable energy

This is energy that is generated from resources that are regenerative or in other words, cannot be depleted. There are several types of renewable energy, which include solar, geothermal, wind, biomass, and hydro.

Renewable Energy Sources

These are sources that can be easily renewed or made.

Renewable Energy Resource

Energy resource that is regenerative or virtually inexhaustible.


Process of changing the structure of the electrical power industry from that of guaranteed monopoly to one of open competition.

Retail Wheeling

This is an arrangment in which the utility transmits electricity from outside its service territory to a customer within its service territory.

Rated power

Quantity of power assigned for operation of a device, equipment or component.

Rated wind speed (Vr)

This is the specified wind speed in which a Wind Turbine reaches its rated power

Reference wind speed (Vref)

Parameter for wind speed used for defining the Wind Turbine classes.


Phenomemon that appears in an oscillating system. The period of forced oscillation is close to that of free oscillation

Ribbon Silicon

Single-crystal silicon that is produced through a fabrication process where sheets or ribbons of single-crystal silicon are produced.

Roof area

Total area of a rooftop

Roofmounted system

PV System that is installed on a flat or sloping roof.

Rooftop owner

Owner of a rooftop.

Rotor speed (WT)

Rotational speed of a Wind Turbine about its axis.


Bolts, logs and other round timber that is produced from harvesting trees