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PV wafers are slices of poly-crystal or mono-crystal ingots. Ingots are cut into wafers with wafer saw which form solar cells.


This is the certificate of minimum durability. PV modules guarantee a lifetime of 20 years. Some go up to 35 years.

Waste Energy

The following types of materials can be used as fuel: landfill gas, municipal solid waste, liquid acetonitrile waste, methane, digester gas, tall oil, waste alcohol, medical waste, paper pellets, sludge waste, solid byproducts, tires, agricultural byproducts, closed loop biomass, fish oil, and straw

Water Cycle

Water constantly moves through a cycle, in which the energy is used, most efficiently with hydropower.

Water Heater

Automatically controlled, thermally insulated vessel designed for heating water.

Water Turbine

Turbines that use water pressure to rotate the blades.

Watt (Electric)

Electrical unit of power. Rate of energy transfer equal to 1 Ampere of electric flowing under pressure of 1 Volt.

Watt (Thermal)

Unit of power, measured in energy per second. It is equal to the work that is done at a rate of 1 joule per second.

Watthour (Wh)

Electrical energy unit measured to 1 watt of power taken/supplied to an electrical circuit for 1 hour.


Distance from any given point to the next point in the same phase (measured in direction of progression of a wave)


Point when natural gas/crude exits the ground


Using transmission facilities to transmit power.


Air that is in motion

Wind Machine

Devices that are powered by the wind that produce mechanical/electrical power.

Wind speed

The speed of motion of a minute amount of air

Wind Tower

The part that lifts the wind turbine blades above the ground to catch stronger wind currents.

Wind Turbine

Turbine that converts force of wind into electricity.

Wind Turbine Generator System (s) - WT

Kinetic energy from wind into electrical energy.

Wood Energy

Wood and wood products that are used as fuel