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Data privacy statement

A statement that illustrates the protection of customer data.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)

This is the ratio of cash available for debt servicing to interest, principal and lease payments. Commonly used as a benchmark number, measuring an entity's ability to produce cash to cover its debt, which include lease payments.


Process of removing stricter regulations on regulated companies

Design limits

Max or Min values used within a design

Diffuse insolation

Solar irradiation that intrudes a PV module indirectly from scattering due to clouds, haze, dust, fog, or other obstructions within the atmosphere. This is usually measured in watt-hours per m2.

Diffuse Radiation

Scattered radiation from the sun.


This is a classification of chlorine-containing compounds that extremely toxic and carcinogenic.


The net removal of trees from forested land.

Dormant failure (also known as latent fault)

Failure of a component or system which remains undetected during normal operation

Diesel Engine

Internal combustion engines that burn diesel

Diesel Fuel

Fuel that is composed of distillates obtained during petroleum refining operations or through the blends of such distillates with residual oil that is used in motor vehicles.

Direct Current

Electric current that flows in a constant direction.


Drilling is the act of boring a hole to (1) determine if there are any materials that are recoverable and (2) to produce materials.

Due Diligence

Close scrutiny and evaluation that is conducted prior to a lease, sale or purchase.


Device that changes mechanical into electrical energy.