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Ocean Thermal Gradient

Temperature differences in the layers of the ocean.

Off-grid solar system

This is a PV system that is not attached to the public grid. Energy produced is either stored in batteries or used on the spot.

Operating company

Operating companies finance, plan and operate the plants. Operating companies are referred to as Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). Generated profits go to the operating company.

Operating plant

Productive PV plant that has already been installed. It is producing electricity and connected to the grid.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Cost

Operating costs are those costs that are associated with operating a facility. Maintenance expenses are those expenses that consist of labor, materials and other expenses that are needed to preserve the plant in operating condition.

Operational management

Professionals that have a economic and/or commercial background that administer a company/investment.


Operators use the solar plants to generate electricity


The orientation of the solar panel that describes its angle and slope. Distinction is made between the tilt angle and the azimuth.


Technical equipment are prone to overheating. Inverters can also overheat. To prevent overheating in inverters, DC circuit breakers can be attached to the PV system.


Three atom oxygen compound found in two layers of the Earth's atmosphere.


Unit of resistance to the flow of an electric current.


This is the raw material that petroleum products are made from


Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries ; This is a group organized for the negotiation on oil prices, production and future concession rights with oil companies.

Operating limits

Conditions that are set which govern the activation of the protection and control system.

Organic Waste

Waste material of plant or animal origin.

Outer Continental Shelf

Offshore federal domain